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Fintech Week London
Industry Review

Fintech Week London Launches First-Ever Industry Review to
Address Explosive Growth & Rapid Decline in Funding and Valuations

What Is Fintech Week London?

Fintech Week London is a 5-day event with a 2-day flagship in-person conference. Combining the best of learning and networking, this annual event will give you unparalleled access to London's fintech leaders, as well as other fintech executives who are interested in the region. 
More than this, Fintech Week London (FTWL) is a community that highlights and celebrates London's innovative fintech scene.

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Raf De Kimpe

Chief Executive Officer

“We’re calling on our community to share their thoughts on what we can do to protect the fintech industry. We want to know how the industry can move away from hyper-valuations and unsustainable business models to refocus on financial products and services that improve the world in real-time. How did we get here and how do we move on from this to ensure fintech remains one of the UK’s great success stories.”

Why an Industry Review?

Despite record levels of investment into fintech companies in 2021, analysis has revealed a sharp decline in 2022 with firms struggling to raise fresh funds, and growing reports of falling valuations, fire sales, staff layoffs and recruitment freezes across the industry.

Raf De Kimpe, CEO of Fintech Week London, said: “Of the many topical issues affecting the international fintech space, the recent predicted downturn in VC funding is one that affects the entire ecosystem. Fintechs at all stages of growth and development will feel the impact of changing valuations, slower funding rounds and hesitancy from investors. This will have a knock-on effect on tech development, talent acquisition and retention, and ultimately the flow of innovative financial solutions to the end user.

“FTWL is not just an important event in the fintech calendar but a community of key and influential industry players working together to drive positive change. We’re uniquely placed to launch an independent review into how the fintech industry has found itself in this position.

Let your voice be heard

Use the form below to indicate your willingness to participate in the Fintech Week London Industry Review,
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